Put/Call Ratios

Options markets is a critical market, and it is important to know how options prices from current date to future dates are looking. To cater this need, we've added a new app called Option Put/Call Ratio which will give the following;

  • Run the application on any US based stock

  • It will compute all the options based on each expiration dates with the following data points

    • Total Options counts

    • Total Volume

    • Total Call Volume

    • Total Put Volume

    • Call Volume %

    • Put Volume %

    • Put/Call Volume Ratio

    • Call Open Interest

    • Put Open Interest

    • Put/Call Open Interest Ratio

  • Also the application quickly make all the expiration dates into green rows where we detect Call Volume % > 60, showing you a visual indications of market option trends and more.

To access: Search for any US company, and then from the left symbol menu, click on Options > Put/Call Ratio

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