Market Events

Market events like a sudden jump or drop in a major exchange, major stock prices volatility moves up or down and more impact asset prices movements. It is important to know and understand these events to help align trading strategies and more, but there is no custom tool to achieve that? To solve this problem, we've enhanced a new app called "Market Events" app, which will allow our users to;

Define Event

  • View existing market events examples e.g. When Dow falls 5%

  • Ability to create your own market event

    • Ability to define your own formula

    • Define time range

  • Define trading strategies

    • When to buy or sell an asset say on

      • Market event date

      • Before/After Market event

  • Define asset class universe

    • Ability to define custom symbols

    • Ability to include symbols from

      • Collections

      • Markets groups or even

      • from your own watchlist

Run Analysis

  • View how many time your event occurred?

  • See event data distribution by month and year

  • See the best instruments in terms of best average returns

  • View historical buy/sell trades for further analysis

The above tool will allow you to define all sort of markets events so that you can run analysis on your own stocks, crypto, index, ETFs and more to see how they perform during those event.

To view: From the top menu, select Tools > Market Events

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