Market Groups

The Market Groups allows our users

  • to look at the performances of all major instruments

  • Uses can select various global major market groups from the drop down menu

The user can also select various prices and visualization tools on the selected group of symbols by selecting the drop down menu of 'Quotes'


The quotes view will give important key stats of the instruments e.g.

  • Trend Direction

  • Trend Days

  • Historical price performance (1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Months and more..)

Charts Using 'Charts' from the drop down, the system will quickly display charts of the selected symbols

Charts - OHLC Charts - OHLC will give candlestick charts for the selected symbols

Charts - Sparklines Charts - Sparklines will give a quick visualization of the historical close price performance

Correlation Matrix

The application will also calculate the historical correlation matrix among the selected symbols with the group. In addition the user can change the date range to compute different correlation analysis and more.

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