Backtest Strategy app allows you to;

  • Backtest investment strategies based on various technical Indicators

  • You can analyze any Stocks, ETFs, Crypto currency and more


To analyze a strategy, you can use the following filters

  • Symbol : Set a global symbol e.g AA, TSLA, DOGE-COIN etc.

  • Set Initial Cash as investment

  • Commission per trade

  • Trading Date range - from and to

  • Following strategies are available to play around

    • Simple Moving Average Crossover

    • Exponential Moving Average Crossover

    • MACD

    • RSI

    • Bollinger Bands

  • You can change various input parameters for the strategies to compute various results sets and analyze them accordingly.

Strategy Output

Once you select the strategy of your choice and hit 'Run Backtest', our system will compute the following

  • Quick investment performance data with

    • Initial Investment

    • Final Investment value

    • % Change of investment

  • Historical chart with Buy/Sell signals indicators, to help you to quickly visualize the trades

  • Corresponding technical indicator is plotted on the historical chart so that you can compare, zoom in/out to see when a particular buy or sell signal is generated.

  • A Transactions data table is displayed to enlist all possible Buy/Sell signals found by the selected strategy with the following data items

    • Date

    • Type (Buy or Sell)

    • Price

    • Size

    • Transaction Value

    • Any commission for the trade

    • Profit and Loss

Run backtest strategy tool with different strategies to see the overall investment performance to look for investment opportunities and more.

To access: From the top menu bar, click on Menu > Backtest

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