Market Movers

The market movers app allow our users to view all the market moving stocks. User can filter the market by;

  • Report

  • Exchange

  • Sector

  • Industry

  • Current Price

  • Current Volume

  • View

  • and even apply scoring models

You do have a lot of options to select various Reports in the movers app. i.e. Select an item from Reports dropdown. e.g. Open > Previous Close Our users can view stocks in our movers app that are opening i.e.;

  • Higher than their previous day close price

  • Lower than their previous day close price

We've added a new filter in out movers app, that will allow you to look at stocks that are in the breakout formation. We will have two ways to look at breakout stocks;

  • Breakout - positive

    • Where stocks price moving above its 20-Days simple moving averages

  • Breakout - negative

    • Where stocks price moving below its 20-Days simple moving averages

In addition, we also display a column with values for % Change from Close price to 20-Day simple moving averages. To access: Click on Menu > Movers, and then select from the drop down Reports

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